Maddox Pharma Swiss

Is a European Pharmaceutical Company, specialized in both Pharmaceuticals and Food supplements.

We supply high quality products across our global markets.


Maddox Pharma Swiss B.V. The Netherlands, with its main activity to produce and markets a broad range of branded generic products in Europe and the MENA region.

Maddox Pharma Swiss LTD, London - UK, as a marketing authorization holder for generic products.

Maddox Pharma Swiss GmbH, Berlin - Germany, as a marketing authorization holder for MAH - food supplements.


To enhance people's health and quality of life through providing a rich product portfolio and services that match their needs.




To continuously consolidate our position as a leading supplier of generic pharmaceuticals as well as food supplements worldwide. We aim to achieve this by strengthening the long-term relationship with all the stakeholders in terms of development, product supply and marketing of value added products and services.


  • Act with honesty as we believe in our responsibility towards our customers.
  • Value our customers and their needs.
  • Committed to improve efficiency with the highest standards of performance to achieve our goals.
  • Operate clearly and openly, to ease others to observe our performance.
    Maddox applies high standards for products, customer relationships, partners and employees

    Quality Standards

    Our company and facilities follow a robust system to make sure that our products are consistently produced and controlled according to the highest quality standards. 

    Our manufacturing practices are designed to minimize the possible errors involved in the whole value chain we work with.

    We take proactive steps to ensure that our products are safe, pure and effective.

    Delivering Excellence

    Our practices include exemplary European standards for records keeping, personnel qualifications, sanitation, cleanliness, equipment verification process validation and complaint handling.

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    Global Presence
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    Regulatory Capabilities

    Maddox Pharma Swiss has strong regulatory capabilities in pharmaceuticals and food supplements through ensuring a fully functional regulatory department with an adequate enforcement infrastructure.

    Maddox Pharma Swiss has established strong relations with competent health authorities for timely and comprehensive marketing authorization.

    Maddox Pharma Swiss was granted many approvals within Europe and Middle East region in relatively short time:

    • MHRA (UK)
    • CBG (Netherlands)
    • JFDA (Jordan)
    • KFDC (Kuwait)    
    • Iraqi MOH / KMC
    • NHRA (Bahrain)
    • N.F.S.A (Egypt)
    • Qatari MOH
    • Others …. 

    By seeking a global presence we are continually working to register our products across the Globe.