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Maddox Pharma Swiss Cycle Meeting - Lead The Change

Posted on: Thu, 03/24/2022 - 15:12 By: editor
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Maddox Pharma Swiss Cycle Meeting - Lead The Change

In the presence of more than a hundred pharmacists and doctors from many countries in the Middle East, Maddox Pharma Swiss held a "Lead the Change" cycle meeting in Istanbul- Turkey between the 1st -6th of March.

During the cycle meeting, the Maddox Pharma Swiss regional team has inducted different workshops for the marketing and sales teams for both lines of food supplements and pharmaceuticals.

Many activities have been done during the cycle meeting to educate sales teams on new Maddox Pharma Swiss products, and the latest industry updates. In addition to preparing the teams to transfer this updated knowledge and messages to healthcare providers.

Keeping the teams updated with the latest in the industry will reflect positively on the patients and customers. That is Maddox Pharma Swiss plan to "lead the change".